Bambi Jewellery reserves the right to cancel or refuse a sale at any point, for any reason. Should this happen a full refund will be issued. Bambi Jewellery also reserves the right to alter prices and costs. Should this happen it will be an alteration to better reflect the accurate cost of materials/manufacture/postage and product and brand development.

Privacy Policy and Security:

Bambi jewellery collect information from you to help fulfil your orders and to provide you with the best customer service, these include details such as: Full name, full address and email address. Other less personal informations include order date, items ordered and method paid.

We do not collect any details related to your payment method on this site nor can we, or do we, issue or share them to anyone else. Your details are completely and strictly confidential with us and are processed through a safe website domain and through safe payment processes.


Bambi Jewellery can contain pieces or parts of a product that are small or prone to being hazardous if in the wrong hands. Please keep away from curious children and pets for their own safety and the safety of the product.

Crystals should be treated with care and caution - they can have harsh edges and may be harmful if not treated this way. When not wearing your jewellery, please store it in (its) protective packaging to prevent unwanted damages.

Our jewellery is carefully crafted with continuously updated methods and materials to keep them in the best possible condition. Despite never having had issues of this sort, each individual is unique and may tolerate pieces differently than others. In the rare event of an allergic reaction to a part of our jewellery, it is kindly asked that the product be returned for refund/replacement/exchange.